April 18th, 2010

Reading the Newspaper

BIG(ish) Two-Face news in the DC Comics July solicitation for STREETS OF GOTHAM

The solicitation for July's issue of BATMAN: STREETS OF GOTHAM has some very, very interesting news about what's next for Harvey, particularly considering his current involvement in the MANHUNTER back-up feature. I've been pissed about that storyline for months now, but this news may significantly alter my complaints, and is absolutely piquing my interest either way.

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It should go without saying that I have the highest of hopes for this, but lord knows we've seen the character misused in the past. Hopefully this'll be a bold and exciting new step for the character! Most importantly, hopefully it'll just be a darn good story either way!

Also, HI to all the new members who've joined up! Man, now I'm starting to regret not making this an actual community. Well, I look forward to your comments, thoughts, and ideas, all of which are actively encouraged here!