May 9th, 2010

Two-Face... FOREVER!!!

Great Harvey Dent fanfic, and the lack thereof

Has anyone read any good Harvey Dent fanfic?

Personally, the amount I've found is very small, and all of it is from the DARK KNIGHT movie continuity. There pretty much isn't any fic for comics!Harvey that I've yet found, aside from one or two things. But I'm wondering if anyone out there (you guys, naturally) have found some gems that I've missed?

Honestly, I'm very inexperienced in the fanfic world. Even when I began work on my epic Dent novel (on its tenth or so draft now, four years later), I didn't really read other fic until I got involved with the wonderful bitemetechie, one of the internet's reigning Queens of Batman fic.

Just today, she took it upon herself to scour for good Two-Face fic, but amid the very few there, the only one she even considered halfway good was a Harvey/Gilda (!) story called "And He Was Beautiful."

It's neat to see someone else actually try to tackle Gilda besides me and goddesspharo, who wrote two moving Gilda-centric pieces: "The Sound of Settling," and "Walking In Between Sunrise and Sunset." The latter fic neatly compares Harvey/Gilda with TDK's Harvey/Rachel. As a general rule, I have no interest in Harvey/Rachel fic, because while I liked TDK Harvey, I have far more interest in the canonical Harvey from the comics (and anyone who writes that Harvey earns insta-cred in my eyes).

An exception to this is the Harvey Dent chapter from Mark Turnage's excellent Arkham Asylum epic, "The Face We Call Our Own." Even though that Harvey is clearly the version from TDK--Rachel and all--it's hands-down the best Two-Face fic I've yet read. I just so wish it could be tweaked to be comics canon, since that story will fit better there than in the Nolanverse.

Even stranger, the DCAU fic also seems to be woefully deficient of Two-Face stuff, which strikes me as weird considering that BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES Harvey is rightly one of the most popular versions. The only one I've yet seen worth anything is greedyslayer's "This Is Your Dark Side Speaking (Shut Up)." Ultimately, TDK dominates the niche that is Harvey Dent fic. So at this point, even halfway good fic will do, as long as it's more or less faithful to the spirit of the comics' character.

So what about it, folks? Read any good Two-Face fic lately? Or ever?


Oh, and if you're interested, here's the self-contained prologue from my own Dent novel. I'm still damn proud of that one. I look forward to finally returning to my revisions come this Fall, once the need to do IRL work has settled down.