August 8th, 2010

Two-Face... FOREVER!!!

BATMAN FOREVER's Two-Face and the Riddler getting stoned

From the BATMAN FOREVER comic adaptation, written by Denny O'Neil:

I have to wonder if this was originally an actual scene from the film (unlikely, as it wasn't in the novelization by Peter David, which, I should add, changed a number of elements that greatly improved BATMAN FOREVER into being a story I actually can enjoy as something other than a candy-colored camp-fest), or if it was just O'Neil poking his own fun.

Either way, my good pal surrealname and I still quote that last panel back and forth to each other over the years. My own Henchgirl thinks that we think it's way funnier than it actually is. You be the judge (which is appropriate, I think, for this LJ).