September 5th, 2010

Two-Face... FOREVER!!!

Cover Gallery: The Golden Age

Today, I present the first of several upcoming looks at Two-Face cover appearances over the ages. Feel free to skim past my blathering and commentary to just look at the neato pictures, if you're so inclined! :)

Note: all cover images taken from, my #1 source for character appearances when I'm trying to track down, say, a minor cameo of Highfather making Two-Face cry in an issue of NEW GODS. Yes, it happened. But I'll save that for the Cameos Megapost down the line. :)

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I'm also planning on looking at all of the Impostor Two-Faces over the years, but I can't decide if I should do them all in one post, or in a series of posts, since lord knows I can ramble on sometimes! Furthermore, I can't decide how many scans I want to include. Whole pages (but not whole stories)? Or choice panel snippets with commentary?

Do you folks have any preferences either way?