September 6th, 2010

Reading the Newspaper

Coming in late: thoughts on the first images of Two-Face in ARKHAM ASYLUM 2!

This news is almost a week late, but I'd be remiss in not briefly discussing the first images of Harvey from the upcoming video game, BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY:

Collapse )

Apparently, Harvey is putting Catwoman on trial for something or other, and a Two-Face trial generally means "wanting to formalize my righteous killing of you." I'm pretty bored with Harvey doing mock trials, which is just the culmination of the annoying practice of having Two-Face's games be rigged and unfair from the start. But eh, he's a boss in a video game, what're you gonna do?

Actually, he may well be the boss, by all accounts. Of course, I'm betting the Joker will pop up again to be the LAST last boss (and hopefully he'll do so in a way, way, way less stupid manner than he did in the first ARKHAM game).

Another great thing about Two-Face getting a prominent spot in this incredibly high-profile game? It'll actually introduce a different Two-Face into popular fandom, off-setting the omnipresent visual of blond Aaron Eckhart in most of the fan art and whatnot. I loved Aaron, but it disappoints me how what little fandom there is (was?) for Two-Face is (was?) solely dedicated to TDK's Harvey.

No matter what, I greatly look forward to the game, and steadfastly hope that they'll cast Richard Moll to reprise his brilliant performance(s). Also, I hope we'll be able to get to see the full image of this: