September 19th, 2010

coin flipping through the air

Live-action Two-Face pr0n. Yeah, really.

Bleeding Cool has posted pictures of ANOTHER Batman porno, this one based upon the Nolanverse with other stuff thrown in (SFW). For those who just wanna cut to the chase, this is what porn Two-Face looks like (also SFW).

I was gonna post the actual picture here, but ugh, the whole thing makes me feel dirty and uneasy. Look, I'm totally behind all for the more famous/infamous Batman porn based on the Adam West TV show, because I understand that it was so loving and sincere that they quite literally recreated an entire episode of the show, and then threw in sex scenes. I think the DVD even has a feature where you can watch it without the sex scenes. That's amazing. I also understand the Riddler is perfect, and--along with Catwoman--is one of the few to actually maintain character during the sex scenes. Which is a brilliant kind of disturbing.

But this? This looks as crass and ugly as any porn parody, but with a bigger budget that only emphasized how much it's trying to cash in on the Adam West style film. It just looks gross all around.

And really, I'm not saying I'm against ever seeing the Joker and Two-Face have sex. But not... not in this.

So, who wants to see this one themselves and report back on your findings?