September 20th, 2010

Reading the Newspaper

Trading Card: 3D hologram card by Norm Breyfogle, w/ original sketches

Oh, hologram trading cards. So neat to look at. So impossible to scan.

Kind of incomprehensible, right? There was virtually no reason for me to ever post this, but that was before I found the original art that was used for the design, by none other than Norm Breyfogle!

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I find it funny that the original art for a 3D card could be so... flat. But I find the first part pretty enough to warrant posting this whole oddball curiosity here.

Oh, and for those curious about what's going on behind Harvey in the card, he's blowing up the Second National Bank. Because that's how he rolls.
Two-Face... FOREVER!!!

Sketch: Jim Lee x3

So I've just found an assload of sketches and commissioned art of Two-Face at I'm still trying to decide if I wanna post them one to three at a time, or just all at once. I'm tempted to do the former method, as I'm doing today, which would certainly give me a great deal more easy fodder for future posts. Any objections to breaking the load into smaller, more easily digestible posts?

For today's example, I've found three different takes drawn by Jim Lee:

Full disclosure: I don't particularly care for Jim Lee's artwork. I find his work overly detailed and soulless, but while I didn't like it (and particularly disliked Hush in general), I was disappointed that we couldn't at least have seen what Lee would have done with Two-Face.

To date, I don't believe we've ever seen a full, proper Jim Lee Two-Face drawing, unless you count this Supergirl cover where Harvey's been exposed to Joker toxin, but I sure as hell don't.

I don't particularly love either of the above drawings, but I have to give Lee credit: it's proof that he really can draw different facial structures when he wants to. With men, anyway. Times like this, I like to guess/imagine which of them are the impostor Two-Faces. Because I have no life, you see.