September 22nd, 2010

Reading the Newspaper

Portraits, Round 2: The Quickening

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One more round of art to come tomorrow, probably before (or possibly after) I write up my full review of Two-Face: The Long Way Down, the conclusion of which comes out today in Batman: Streets of Gotham. I'm hoping something amazing happens with the ending, otherwise I won't care much to write about a story that no one cared about at all.

I might include scans, but they will be seriously limited. Even if the story is mediocre, I'd still like people to go out and buy it, so DC won't get the message that no one cares about a comic starring Two-Face. Even if, as I fear, it's kinda true.
coin flipping through the air

Portraits, Part 3: Hunt for the Blood Orchid

I'm gonna get this last one outta the way so I can focus on the big review of the Two-Face solo story from Batman: Streets of Gotham, which actually did end very differently than I was expecting. This whole story has given me much fodder for frowning contemplation for the past couple months, so hopefully you'll join me for the big airing out later tonight or tomorrow.

Until then, arts!

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Y'know what? I love this last one so much, I think it deserves to be outside of the cut. Your bandwidths will just have to deal.

Steve Lieber. This one's going on my all-time favorites collection.