October 27th, 2010

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Must-Read List of Must-Read Stories

EgoTV Online lists "10 awesome Batman stories you've probably never heard of."

This list makes me extremely happy, and not just because Eye of the Beholder is included (with what I suspect is one of my own scans, no less!).

I consider Prey to be one of the ten best Batman stories ever written, and one that--if they expanded the Catwoman subplot--would also serve as a perfect template for the as-of-today-named The Dark Knight Rises. I'm slowly working on a series of posts focused upon Professor Hugo Strange, just as a break from Harvey for a bit, so we'll be seeing a bit of Prey here, rest assured.

Furthermore, I'm of the opinion that the Animated Series universe of comics are, pound for pound, the finest Batman comics of the past twenty years. There's so much great Harvey stuff alone that I could easily dedicate a couple weeks to Animated!Harvey posts.

So yeah, keep this list in mind next time you guys go scouring back issue bins, until such time as DC wises up and finally puts these gems (back) into print.