November 18th, 2010

Two-Face... FOREVER!!!

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So I have a specific reason for wanting to post the cracktacular Bronze Age epic, "Where Were You the Night Batman Died?" But the problem is, I can't say what the reason is without spoiling the major twist.

Written by 50's-era Batman author David V. Reed (creator of Deadshot), WWYTNBD? is a Bronze Age tale that still feels distinctly Silver. The result is a story that feels less timeless and more awkward in either era, but it's fascinating and fun nonetheless.

Batman is believed to be dead, so the underworld (including all of Batman's rogues) decide to hold their own trial to determine who deserves the credit for snuffin' the Bat. Ra's al Ghul is the Judge (see what I mean about the Silver Age touch?) while Two-Face is given the perfect role as the prosecutor! The testimony of each villain gives me the impression that WWYTNBD? was the main inspiration for the classic B:TAS episode, "Almost Got 'Im."

Rather than scans and crop these issues myself, I'll instead ask that you either buy the collection yourself, or check out the following links from the blog Blah Blah Blah, which posted all four issues of this story. And after you've read the story, click the cut-tag to discuss spoilers.

You ready?

Part 1: The Testimony of Catwoman

Part 2: The Testimony of the Riddler

Part 3: The Testimony of Lex Luthor

Part 4: The Testimony of the Joker

Finished? Read all four parts, or at least pretend you did? All righty then...

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If you'd like to read this and other great Batman almost-deaths, they can be purchased in the trade paperback collection, The Strange Deaths of Batman.