December 3rd, 2010

Two-Face... FOREVER!!!

And there... we... went.

For those of us who needed confirmation: Harvey will definitely not be in The Dark Knight Rises. Wait, wait, read it for yourself:

"Chris and I had a meeting, on the beach, just the two of us," Eckhart told MTV News on the red carpet for "Rabbit Hole" on Thursday. "I said, 'Chris, a lot of people are asking me if I'm in the next 'Batman.' And Chris said, 'Yes?' I said, 'Am I?' He looked at me and he said, 'No.' "

Wait, a meeting on the beach? Is this a true story?

"It actually is," Eckhart replied. "It's even weirder than I'm explaining it."

So there you have it: official confirmation that Dent won't show his two faces on the big screen come the film's July 2012 release. But, um, what of this strange beachside meeting?

"We found ourselves alone on the beach together on a stormy day and he delivered the news to me," Eckhart explained. "And I was heartbroken. I was heartbroken. But Chris has his reasons and my life must go on."

Honestly, if we have to get the news, it's best to get it in a cracky, oddly adorable fashion. Aaaaaand now there's probably fic. Way to go, Aaron.

For my part, I'm glad to hear it now than to hold out hope that maybe, maybe there'd be a surprise cameo in Arkham or in the twist ending or after the credits or in a deleted scene or maybe hell maybe in the fourth film yeah yeah maybe who knows *cries*. So good to be spared that cycle.

Someday, I'm going to write a whole, super-long TDK post once I revisit the film. If you're curious to know what I thought at the time, feel free to check out my epic, sprawling, meticulous criticism of Harvey in the film. I haven't reread it in over a year, because once I get on that rant and my ideas, it can infect me for an hour. Better to save that energy for later. Besides, I've changed my mind in some respects, and softened on other stances.

What I still feel, though, is that the film ultimately delivered a great Harvey Dent and a poor Two-Face. Which, given the choice, is far and away the way I'd want it. There's not a thing that Aaron Eckhart himself did that I disliked. I just think the script let him down.

We're heartbroken too, Aaron. Thanks for trying, you talented, adorable man, you.