January 28th, 2011

Two-Face... FOREVER!!!

A Two-Face cameo appearance from ROBIN #116

Harvey occasionally makes extraneous cameos which add little to the larger story, and one such example is his two-page appearance in Robin #116. Truth be told, I haven't read this entire story (if any of you have, let me know what I'm missing), so maybe this scene actually does serve a purpose other than a different take on the character. I suspect the writer just wanted an excuse to write Harvey like this:

Collapse )

I don't love this take, but I have to give writer Jon Lewis credit for coming up with something different. If you're going to write Harvey's madness over him actually being a character, most writers opt for him speaking in judicial terms, as if he's a walking mock trial.

At least Lewis opts for a different tack, one which seems stupidly obvious upon consideration: have Harvey think and speak in terms of black/white concepts, kicked off with the misogynistic virgin/whore dichotomy, and carried on through his recollection of Robin's suspect. I actually like that part, as the positive and negative attributes Harvey describes do not negate each other, showing how he can see the best and worst in people at the same time. Neat idea, one I'd like to see more often.

But why's Harvey defacing magazine models? He has a whole stack and a marker on hand. Is this meant to be therapy? What the hell, Arkham doctors? We've never seen Harvey as a doodler before, but thanks to Arkham's therapy, I can now see the latest Two-Face crime spree resembling Daffy Duck's reign of mustache terror.