March 5th, 2011

Two-Face... FOREVER!!!

random arts

First off, the great captaintwinings made several awesome icons based on comics I've posted here, and while I plan to use several, my favorite has to be this one:

Unfortunately, LJ hates icons of even moderate size. It's the same problem I rant into too many damn times trying to make .gif icons of my own. Anybody know how to make this icon into a smaller file while still having it look not-crappy in quality?

Every so often, the art round-ups at Comics Alliance yields something related to Harvey and the Bat-Rogues in general. Here are some recent findings:

I've never played Angry Birds, which is apparently a hugely popular app or something, so maybe some of you might find this amusing yourselves:

I promise a post of actual substance at some point. Or at the very least, another batch of covers with commentary.