March 26th, 2011

Two-Face... FOREVER!!!

Harvey's favorite breakfast cereals (it's a slow news day over at about_faces)

This list of 54 discontinued old breakfast cereals is fascinating and often disturbing. I can actually recall how some of these tasted, in all their soggy glory. How many do you folks remember? How many did you actually eat? I feel like I missed out on something essential by not having Urkel-O's or Mr. T.

Then, of course, I saw this:

Naturally, I thought, "Haha, that's cute, I need to include that in an about_faces post on a slow day." And then I saw this:

This is the clear winner for Two-Face-related breakfast cereal. For god's sake, look at the King/Knight! And it comes with a special prize: a crazy ball! A ball of crazy... just like Harvey!

... I promise, an actual post of substance will be coming up soon.