April 8th, 2011

Two-Face... FOREVER!!!

By request, Doug Moench's second Two-Face story, w/ Klaus Janson art!

I've decided to create about_faces.dreamwidth.com as a back-up. I'm not planning on fleeing LJ anytime soon, and even if I eventually do, I'm not sure I'd want to set up shop at Dreamwidth. Having something of my own site would be ideal (ala similar fan sites such as the Aquaman Shrine), but who knows how many people would find it? Hopefully, y'all will be able to follow me no matter what happens.

So, because YOU demanded it(!!!), here's a look at the second half of Doug Moench's Two-Face story from Knightfall.

Unfortunately, we have to skip entirely past the real point of the story, which the tension between Robin and a burnt-out Batman. What is it about Two-Face stories that really brings out the tension between Batman and any give Robin? Anyhoo, fast-forward, Batman decides to try taking on Harvey alone, and gets his ass ambushed. He wakes up in the ruins of the old courthouse where D.A. Harvey Dent once presided, with a "judge and jury" comprised of the late Mr. Lyman's enforcers. Oh yeah, we know where this is going...

Collapse )

Seriously, WHY does Harvey do anything other than become a violent vigilante in the style of the Punisher or Jason!Red Hood, or simply spend the rest of his days in Arkham just flipping his coin? There's no real leap from D.A. to mob boss, yet writers are just so used to that role from Pre-Crisis that no one's trying to reconcile it with the way the character's grown otherwise!

Once again when it comes to Moench and Two-Face, I don't love the story, but it's still a better attempt than many writers would make. Although I fear even that won't carry through to his next story, The Face Schism.