May 26th, 2011

Two-Face... FOREVER!!!

Topless Robot Lists of related interest to Harvey and the Joker

The geek news site Topless Robot has been annoying me of late due to their recurring habit of belittleing old-school Star Trek fans, namely those who dare not to question the worth of the recent J.J. Abrams film.* But I keep going back to TR, because they put out great lists like, say The 13 Best Lawyers in Comics. I'd obviously have ranked Harvey higher, but hey, I can't argue with their choice of placement. Nor would Harvey himself, for that matter.

Another great TR list to check out is The 7 Nerdiest Roles of Brad Dourif." If you don't think you know who Brad Dourif is, trust me, you do. I want to go back in time, snatch up young Brad, and cast him as the Joker. Shit, I want to do Miller's The Dark Knight Returns as a film, and cast him in it as the Joker (and get Daniel Day Lewis as Batman! Yeah!). Because if you haven't seen the way-better-than-anyone-would-expect horror almost-masterpiece, Exorcist III**, watch this and tell me that you don't see a bit of Heath's Joker wayyyyyy before Heath's Joker. It helps to remember that he's also Chucky, and you can hear a bit of Chucky poking through his monologue.

* Regardless of how you feel about either one, it's revealed to me how ugly fandom has currently become, with fans looking down on other fans with the same kind of hostile snobbery as the jocks and in-crowd kids used to fling on us not too long ago, as I'm sure many still do.

**Watch it with the lights out and the sound cranked up. Trust me. Heh.