June 3rd, 2011

Two-Face... FOREVER!!!

"Face the Face" supplement: a brief look at Harvey's vigilante career, feat. Croc and Cass

In my huge Batman: Face the Face dissection post, I lamented the lack of continuity between the maxi-series 52 and the One Year Later books which took place immediately after the events of 52 were to end, both of which were released at the same time. I understand why it couldn't all work out. 52 alone was such a massive undertaking, and it's still amazing that those four very different writers managed to pull off something that cohesive, much less great. And yet, I'm still very sad that 52 didn't include even a mention of Harvey as Gotham's Protector, focusing instead on the new Batwoman (whose role was, I believe, rather pumped-up due to media attention), but it was far from the only OYL development to not get any mention in 52.

Thus, near the end of 52, DC published a tie-in mini-series called World War III, which served no other purpose but to fill all the gaps between 52 and OYL that the former left unaddressed. Amongst these gaps included addressing how Aquaman was turned into a tentacle-bearded amnesiac sorcerer, why J'onn J'onzz decided to trade his silly classic costume for a stupid new one, and why the hell Cassandra Cain inexplicably became an evil "Dragon Lady" stereotype League of Assassins leader, as zechs80 has been chronicling over at scans_daily in the wake of my B:FTF post. Jesus, Beechen. And here I thought your Batman Beyond series was bad.

Tangent: I mean, really, Beechen... you seriously want me to believe that Batman sees Tommy Elliot as a threat on the level of Joker or Ra's? Like to have Bruce talk about Tommy in exactly those words? HAHAHA no. Okay, tangent over.

So World War III addressed Cassandra's seduction to the dark side in a scene which also, finally, gave us a brief look at Harvey's vigilante career. Which isn't to say it's a GREAT look, but it's better than nothing. ... Right?

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If you'd like to read the whole WWIII mini, it's been collected here, but it seems to be out of print. Honestly, considering how many of the OYL changes have been retconned or forgotten, you're better off just reading 52 on its own. I'm still surprised at how good that turned out to be, especially considering how cynical and ugly it was at the start.