June 6th, 2011

Two-Face... FOREVER!!!

Quick Bat-Thoughts on the "New DCU"

Do I know what the hell is going on with the "New DCU" or whatever it is that they're calling it? No, I do not. After deliberately letting people freak out at the prospect of rebooting the whole universe (because hey, that's news), they're now insisting that it's NOT a reboot. What the fuck IS it, then? OHHHH, WE'RE NOT TELLING /coy. As such, all I can really do is just wait and see whatever the hell it is that they're gonna do. All I care about is whether or not this results in good stories.

I want to be more optimistic, I really do, but it's hard in light of the facts that it looks like we're getting Babs back as Batgirl, (a new?) Nightwing wearing a costume that's disturbingly similar to the one Robin wore in Schumacher's Batman & Robin, that several titles are now going to be written by artists with little to no writing experience, and the fact that we're seeing the returns of several comic artists who were considered incredibly hot by Wizard Magazine circa 1997. In this case, it's Spawn artist Greg Capullo, whose following cover for Batman #1 fits in the Image-style aesthetic of other Bat-Artists Jim Lee, Tony Daniel, and David Finch:

So far, that's the only indication of Harvey in this New DCU. In cases like his, as well as other Bat-Rogues, a full-on reboot might not be a bad idea, as some folks brought up in the last post. But again, we'll just have to wait and see. Hopefully there'll be some news to really get excited about, instead of just apathetic or anxious.

EDIT: ... Is that meant to be Eddie? That sure looks like a question-mark mohawk. If so, WHAT THE HELL IS EVERYONE'S DEAL WITH GIVING THE RIDDLER SOME STUPID, STUPID COSTUME DESIGNS? Seriously, you could do a whole list of the worst Riddler costumes of all time. Just off the top of my head, there's Bishie!Eddie from "Gotham Knights," the one from Azzarello's "Joker" GN, the stitch-faced Riddler from "Crimson Mist," and of course, whatever Tony Daniel has him wearing now. Why oh why oh WHY can't people just realize that the green jacket and bowler is flawless as it is? Sheesh!