July 5th, 2011

Two-Face... FOREVER!!!

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There's a reason why my posts and comments have slowed down of late, and shall continue to be slugging over the next few months. It's the same reason why, against all hopes and intentions, there's no new chapter of Dent posted here today.

Henchgirl and I give you a massive 11 lbs (!!!) bundle of win now officially named Harold (Hal) Tiberius Hefner. A couple people assumed we'd name our boy Harvey, but even I'm not that cruel and/or stupid.

We're back home, utterly bloody exhausted between attending to baby and constantly being bugged by nurses and doctors of variable bedside manners. It was a complicated and scary delivery, but everyone's okay. I should also mention that, as we didn't know that Hal (or Harry, as we're calling him, although nothing seems to fit him quite like "Baybeh," in the same way that Henchgirl and I call each other by "Boy" and "Girl" rather than our names) was going to be so huge, Henchgirl didn't get a C-section. So, yeah, bow down before the most hardcore goddamn fangirl in the world.

Even though I'm sure everyone will understand the delay, I do have a couple more easy posts to make in the near future, starting with the next chapter of Dent. If I don't split it up and just post it as one big chapter, as Henchgirl's advising me to do, it'll easily be big enough to tide you guys over for a bit.