August 5th, 2011

Two-Face... FOREVER!!!

Cameo: NIGHTWING #15

Two-Face never officially showed up in the definitive Nightwing run by Chuck Dixon, which is odd considering the personal history that Dixon came up with for Dick and Harvey. Even after Dick got some sense of closure by defeating Harvey in Prodigal, the specter of Two-Face continued to haunt Dick through his run, and it was clear that the former boy sidekick still had issues with his Batman's fallen ex-ally. The only time Harvey made a personal appearance in Nightwing was a small but cool cameo at the start of #14, set in a flashback to the Dyanmic Duo days:

These pages are busy as hell, but I rather like them because I like Scott McDaniel in general, and not just because he's one of the top Two-Face artists out there between Batman/Two-Face: Crime and Punishment and Daredevil and Batman, which I still need to post about here sometime once I can get scans. I understand why people don't like his work, but there's something so kinetic and intense going on in whatever he draws, which he draws like no one else.

I may have done this piece a disservice by not including the second half of the two-page spread of both Batman and Robin attacking Harvey and his henchmen, but my scanner simply isn't big enough and I lack any kind of photoshop program to splice the two images together. Also, it's Dick. Feh, Dick.

Finally, I'm a sucker for anybody who draws Two-Face sans coat with shoulder holsters. That doesn't make up for the shirt, though. Really, I love Ty Templeton's idea that Harvey's father was a used car dealer, because at least now we know where Harvey's evil side got his fashion sense.