September 13th, 2011

Two-Face... FOREVER!!!

The misbegotten history of Duela Dent, and the one time she confronted Two-Face, her father (?)

Sometimes, I just don't know where to begin writing a post. Such is the case when talking about Duela Dent.

You know, the Joker's Daughter, who was actually the daughter of Harvey and Gilda Dent, except no wait, what, that makes no sense but CRISIS! and now it makes even less sense and COUNTDOWN and what? Exactly. You have one of the muddiest clusterfucks of a character this side of Zero Hour Hawkman. Maybe not a clusterfuck, exactly, but more like a character who went through several reinventions in rapid succession while making no impact and being met with resounding apathy. She's kind of the Madonna of failure.

But for a second, let's not forget that there was a time when she actually was meant to be Two-Face's daughter, for reals. Even though she was introduced in 1977 as a criminal dressed as the Joker and calling herself "The Joker's Daughter," it was quickly revealed that she was actually Harvey Dent's long-lost child, and that her crimes were more along the lines of "malicious mischief" to prove herself worthy of joining the Teen Titans. Because Dick is apparently a good-hearted idiot, this plan works and he vouches for her membership, which she wins (although Speedy don't trust that dame one bit, no siree).

I should probably mention that I haven't actually read those issues, and am just going by 1.) what I've learned on the Duela's profile on, and 2.) the following storyline, wherein the big confrontation finally happens:

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