December 3rd, 2011

Two-Face... FOREVER!!!

Second Chances: links to revised reviews of Alan Grant's "Janus" and Greg Rucka's first Batman work

In the interest of trying to get more work done while appearing to be slacking worse than ever, I've been composing a dozen future About_Faces entires over the past month.

Some of these posts are dependent on referring older reviews I've made, a couple of which were composed before I really got into the groove of things here. So I've spent the last couple of days giving a facelift to one post, and a MAJOR overhaul to another. Even if you've read either of these posts before, I highly encourage you to give them a second look.

First off, I've gone back to the first review I ever posted here (my second-ever post!) and given Alan Grant's "Janus" a complete makeover from the ground up, with tons more commentary and even a few more scans.

I figured it was especially timely considering that it may or may not be a response to Two-Face Strikes Twice!. It will also be relevant to some of those posts coming up in the future, as it corresponds strongly to a certain episode of B:TAS about which I have very strong feelings. I mean, stronger than usual.

Secondly, I've revised the post that looks at Greg Rucka's first DC Comics stories, including "Two Down," the fantastic first meeting between Harvey and Renee. As before, it also includes a look at the mirrored first meeting between the Question and the Huntress, and as a bonus, I'm consolidated those stories with my review of Rucka's little-read prose Renee story, Random Encounters.

Random Encounters is a great story with some (I think) fascinating insight as to Harvey and Renee, but my review of it had no comments, so I wanted to give this lost gem a second chance. Especially since I'm planning on finally reviewing Gotham Central: Half a Life in the near future. As such, it was vital to give a polish to the story where it all began, just to show all the potential that was lost and crushed by Rucka's final, critically-acclaimed story.

So yeah, give them another look-over, if only as a refresher for some stuff I'll be getting to soon. Eventually. In the nearish future. Promise. :)