June 17th, 2012

Two-Face... FOREVER!!!

News: Walt Simonson interviewed about his upcoming Two-Face graphic novel, "The Judas Coin"

This news is eleven days old, but still worth posting: Comic Book Resources recently interviewed comics legend Walter Simonson about his upcoming Two-Face-related graphic novel, The Judas Coin, an exciting project which I've previous posted about here.

While it's been clear that Harvey is going to be but one of several characters across this story which spans across millennia, apparently his role will actually be more central than I'd previously suspected. According to Simonson, The Judas Coin is "really a Two-Face story with Batman/Bruce Wayne as a participant, but Two-Face is the one making the decisions." In fact, the story was originally just going to be about Two-Face, but it greatly expanded once it became a full-sized graphic novel. Still, Simonson says that it all "hang around" Two-Face, so it sounds like he'll be more than just an antagonist for Batman, who will be more of a "participant." On top of that, Simonson seems to have a good understanding of the character, saying that "I think Two-Face was the second easiest guy behind Bat Lash that I had." Considering that I also love Bat Lash, this is incredibly exciting stuff all around.

Furthermore, it sounds like Simsonson has put a hell of a lot of work into this book, drawing from a number of influences such as Hal Foster, Phillipe Druillet, and in the case of the Two-Face segments, newspaper comic strips. Or at least "faux-newspaper... it's faux in the sense that I break the mold of newspaper strips frequently in the story." The whole interview is very much worth reading just to hear how much thought and detail Simsonson has poured into this understandably-long-in-the-works project. If all this weren't enough to get you hyped, my artist pal Michel Fiffe* has actually seen some of the pages, and claims that Walt is "still killing it."

So yeah, The Judas Coin is now pretty much the DC Comics project about which I am most excited to check out. Even if it's not a perfect Two-Face story, it damn well promises to be the most interesting one in years, not to mention a must-read major work by one of the greatest comics storytellers of all time. It comes out in September, and I've already pre-ordered my copy!

*Worthy plug time: in addition to his own excellent comic series Zegas, Fiffe recently published an awesome Suicide Squad fan-comic which is both awesome to behold on its own merits as well as a glorious treat for fans of John Ostrander's late lamented series such as myself. The comic comes as an incentive with a signed print, both of which you can get here at his Etsy store.