September 8th, 2012

Two-Face... FOREVER!!!

Guest Post: The Pokérap... with Bat-Villains?

Hefner here again, with a new guest post courtesy of long-time contributor lego_joker! What he has to offer you today is... well, by own admittance, "I must be out of my freaking mind." I wouldn't say that myself, but I will say that this is an impressive work of complete, utter, truly *dedicated* geekery for those familiar with both Batman and classic Pokémon.

For my part, I haven't kept up with Pokémon since the first show and the Blue cartridge on old-school Game Boy, so I'm wayyyyyyy out of touch with the fandom, but I still have very fond memories of the tie-in CD, "2 B a Master," an album which is a guilty pleasure for me and Henchgirl to this very day. I'm not saying that we can, like, perform the entirety of the Team Rocket "Double Trouble" song by heart, and do the voices PERFECTLY or anything like that, heavens noooooooo. *cough* Um. So, lego_joker's post! Take it awayyyyyyy!

(The surgeon general recommends that you listen to the actual Pokerap before singing this aloud or in your head.)

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