October 2nd, 2012

Two-Face... FOREVER!!!

A special follow-up to "Run, Riddler, Run," courtesy of Mark Badger

So hey, guys, remember that review of Batman: Run, Riddler, Run I wrote back in April? You know, that Riddler story by writer Gerard Jones and artist Mark Badger, the one which I now love but which I'd resisted reading for years because 1.) I didn't like the art at the time, and 2.) I was so nit-picky and anal-retentive that I was annoyed by the fact that the Riddler's didn't have any purple in his costume, but he was all green? Remember that? Because Mark Badger just commented on that review, and he even included a special surprise:

... I have no words for how delighted this makes me. Mister Badger, you're a-okay in my book. Man, I really need some kind of "holy crap a comics creator noticed me aaaaa" tag of some sort.