April 28th, 2013

Two-Face... FOREVER!!!

New Comics Review: "Without Sin," by Mishkin and Mandrake, from LotDK #42-47 (2013)

Note: As you start reading this review, you may get a sense of deja vu and asks yourself, "Wait, didn't I already read this post?" That's because I already reviewed the first part when it came out six weeks ago, with the original intention of trying to review each part every week, something I obviously didn't get around to doing. I held off for two reasons: 1.) I prefer to review stories as a whole rather than in installments which leave me in the dark, and 2.) I was lazy. So rather than have the review split into two wildly-uneven parts, I've decided to repost the important parts of the previous post along with the rest, just to have one nice, complete review. As such, if you already read and remembered what I posted six weeks ago, just skim past to the 5/6ths you haven't read. :D

The latest storyline in DC's current digital-first Legends of the Dark Knight revival is remarkable for several reasons. First and least, it's the longest storyline by far, as opposed to the one-shot-length tales and short stories we've gotten up till now. Secondly, the story is by old-school DC veterans Dan Mishkin, co-creator of Amethyst and Blue Devil, and Tom Mandrake, legendary Spectre artist and co-creator of Black Mask, plus he also has experience with Two-Face. Thirdly and most importantly, it features a fascinating take on Two-Face that vacillates between potential and disappointment, between frustration and awesomeness, resulting in a story which is a must-read for Two-Face fans even though it isn't exactly great as a whole. Well, what fan of Harvey Dent isn't used to maddening contradictions by now?

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In any case, if you're interested in reading Without Sin in full, you can either wait for it to be released in comic stores several months from now, or you can buy all six parts (worth two full issues) digitally at DC's Comixology store--issues #42 through #47--for 99¢ each!