September 13th, 2014

Two-Face... FOREVER!!!

The Conclusion of Steve Englehart's Unpublished "Dark Detective" Sequel (And Why It Got Canceled!)

Welcome back! Let's have a quick recap of what's happened in DD3 thus far.

In the wake of his meltdown with Silver St. Cloud, Batman tries to distract himself by going to London, where Killer Moth has supposedly been on a crime spree. However, both Batman and Killer Moth were being manipulated by the Penguin, who wanted to ensure that Batman would be too distracted to thwart Ozzie's scheme to unleash bird flu upon all of London in a mad bid to finally be taken seriously. After being beaten up by both Batman AND the Penguin, Killer Moth decides to high-tail it back to Gotham, while the Penguin's hired gun—Deadshot—teams up with Batman to prevent the pandemic, because even an assassin has his scruples.

Meanwhile, the vampire Dala is trying to kick the blood habit, but there's only so much that she can do without Batman's help, and he's been rather preoccupied as of late. And back in Gotham, there's still a whole other major subplot which I've barely mentioned, one which will have a major impact on Gotham City and Batman's life, assuming that he survives his London adventure (spoiler alert: eh, probably). So let's get back to the Penguin's descent into full-blown evildom, already in progress!

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No matter what the reasons were for DD3's cancellation, I hold out hope that the continuation of the DD-verse will see the light of day. After all, regimes change, and even if the people who are currently at DC are against the DD saga, perhaps the next regime will be more interested. If so, then hopefully it'll happen sooner than later, as the surviving greats of DC's Bronze Age sure ain't getting' any younger! As much as I love the attention this blog gets, I'd rather not have this review be the final word on the Dark Detective saga.

From the collection of Aric Shapiro, who commissioned this piece just weeks before Rogers' death. As such, this may well be Rogers' final completed Batman artwork. RIP Marshall.

No matter what happens, I'd like to issue one last "thank you" to Steve Englehart for sharing the script and artwork of DD3 with me. If you'd like to read the script in full for yourselves, you can purchase it from Mr. Englehart himself over at his website, along with a number of his other unpublished Batman stories like a Mad Hatter tale, plus an Elseworlds take on Batman as Hamlet!