May 16th, 2015

Two-Face... FOREVER!!!

Review: An in-depth look at the Dent twins' saga in “Batman: Earth One” vol 1 & 2

Back in 2011, when DC announced the graphic novel Batman: Earth One that would be set in an alternate continuity akin to Marvel's now-defunct Ultimate Universe, I asked myself the same question I always do in these kinda situations: “Oh god, what are they going to do to Harvey Dent this time?” As you may recall, Harvey's appearance barely amounted to more than a cameo, so the answer had to wait for the long-delayed second sequel to B:EO, which just dropped this week. And I was not looking forward to that answer.

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Despite all my complaints, I imagine that the second volume of Batman: Earth One, just like the first, will be a massive success. It's a very well-told story, one that would be perfectly fun and thrilling to those who are less discriminating (i.e. picky and opinionated about Batman lore) than people like me. Even with all my reservations, I'm interested to see where Johns and Frank take this saga into the third volume, which will hopefully be out before another three years rolls by.

Batman: Earth One Volume 2 is available at comic stories and major bookstores for $24.99 retail price US, and available digitally online at Comixology, iTunes, and Kindle for about $17.