February 22nd, 2019

Two-Face... FOREVER!!!

Happy 2/22!

Hellooooooo, everyone! I am (temporarily) back! Anyone else still out there in LJ-land? I’m going to assume no one is and just post this for my own sake, as I’ve missed having the spoons to keep up this blog like I used’ta could.

I’m still actively posting and writing about Harvey and the rogues over at Tumblr, at least until that site goes the way of LJ (as it seems determined to do) and I have to find yet another format. But no matter how comfortably I’ve adjusted to Tumblr over the years, neither it nor any other platform has ever been as great as LJ when it comes to being able to post long, image-heavy reviews and sharing epic discussions with commenters. I miss this format and I miss the people it attracted.

Well, it’s 2/22, and even if this place is only slightly less dead than MySpace, I wanted to give some quick looks at all of the big Harvey stories I’ve missed since I last updated. Someday, Grodd willing, I will be able to review some of these in full, but until then, I want to at least acknowledge the highs and lows of this current era of Harvey.

Because we ARE in a new era, folks. Thanks to Scott Snyder, we are now in what I am calling the Magenta Jacket era, as it’s been the only consistent detail of Harvey for the 2010’s.

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Whew! Man, I missed writing about Harvey on here. So many stories I’d love today examine in depth, and hopefully I will someday!

But first, if I ever get back to anything, it will finally, FINALLY have to be The Long Halloween, because—Maker preserve us—it’s finally going to be adapted as two animated films. And if Jensen Ackles is indeed voicing Harvey, as has been speculated, then I’m going to have to prepare for the possibility of a whole new influx of fans both for TLH and Harvey, not to mention Loeb’s version of Gilda. Maybe.

Until then, find me on Tumblr, and I’ll hopefully see you back here sometime before the next 2/22!