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"Hugo Strange kills the DCU," by Eduardo Barreto

Every so often, I check comicartfans.com to see if anyone's uploaded new commissioned pieces of Harvey. I've found a lot of great pieces that way. But one character that no one's ever commissioned is Hugo Strange. That is, until now:

... Nice.

What I love is that Hugo really has the potential to be this kind of threat, especially if he ever branched outside his Batman obsession. Hell, if he ever did succeed in destroying Batman (and if anyone could do it, it'd be Hugo), I could easily see him moving onto the entire DCU. The key touch to the whole thing is the fact that he's holding Starman's cosmic rod, which is itself an awesome reference to an awesome story.

I love the idea that Hugo killed a Predator and Ambush Bug. But more than anything else, I want to know how the hell he killed the Spectre. Damn, do I ever want to read this story.

Really, the only thing that feels off to me about this piece? The fact that we can see Hugo's eyes. I've always loved how his lenses are depicted as opaque, and that the glasses seem to wrap themselves around his head no matter what angle you see him from, so that his actual eyes are almost never seen. Normally, it removes his menace, but thankfully this piece has menace to spare. Man, I love it.

I should start an account with comicartfans.com and post all my commissions and original art. If nothing else, I can finally be the first and only person to post a drawing of Gilda Dent (the proudest piece in my collection).
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