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Your must-read post of the day: the COMPLETE definitive origin of Catwoman

Almost a year in the making (and it shows), Henchgirl has finally finished her exhaustively definitive history of Selina Kyle, packed with scans, facts, canon, and canonical disputes. Be warned, the post is HUGE AND NOT SAFE FOR DIAL-UP... but I promise you, it's worth it.

With all the opinionated Catwoman fans throwing around uninformed views about a character whose history is mostly out of print, this timeline is essential to understanding Selina's character and motivations. Even though I may be biased, I am honestly in awe of what she's pulled off here.

This seriously makes me want to step up my game. I wouldn't even know where to begin trying to do a similar project with Harvey, and Selina's history is far more convoluted. At the same time, she also has more material to work with. With Harvey, there are far fewer options on hand. I shudder to consider trying to reconcile the canon I prefer with elements from The Long Halloween/Dark Victory* and Batman: Jekyll & Hyde.**

*By her own rules, Loeb's stories are sadly now officially canon, BUT they clash with the canon of Eye of the Beholder, which was legitimized thanks to the next Doug Moench story which I'll be posting here.

**Which hasn't been referenced by anybody else, so thus doesn't count as canon. Maybe it should still be noted, in some capacity. Or maybe it should be ignored and shunned entirely, so that no one will ever be tempted to resurrect the character of Murray Dent. Man, it'll be fun tearing that one apart someday.
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