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TDK promo videos: "Gotham Tonight" interviews Sal Maroni, Harvey Dent

I've been getting a bit obsessive over at comicvine, where I spent a couple hours giving a complete overhaul to the profile page for "The Boss" Maroni*. Look, I know he's an obscure character, but there's far more history to him than just Loeb and Nolan, y'know?

Which reminds me, did anyone watch the Gotham Tonight videos that were released as fake-news promotion pieces a month before The Dark Knight was released? I was just remembering how much I loved the interview with Maroni, and thinking just how perfect Eric Roberts was going to be in the role:

Looking back on it now, I can't help but notice how Roberts' Maroni acts and sounds nothing like he does in the actual film. Honestly, I like him better here! He's far more sleazily ingratiating and subtly threatening. He certainly fares better than the actor playing Commissioner Loeb, who seems more uncomfortable in this format than he does in film.

While the Gotham Tonight videos were neat, this was the first one to get me genuinely excited (as opposed to my general sense of anxious giddiness which met every scrap of new TDK info). Of course, it was topped only by the final part, wherein Engel interviews Harvey Dent himself:

So much love for this video. If I had any doubts about Ekhart's Harvey, they were wiped away with this video (my fears for his Two-Face, however, remained and were never quite quelled). He's charismatic as hell, and his eloquent defense of Batman beautifully paints him as an idealist who's willing to bend the rules for the greater good of Gotham. At the time, I was still worried they'd make him an anti-Batman politician or something.

His "if they haven't broken the law, then they have nothing to fear" rhetoric does raise some red flags, however. At least, until you realize that, as the film ultimately proved, Harvey was right about all those corrupt cops he targeted. In real life, I'd be concerned about Dent being a charismatic witch-hunter and mud-slinger. In the context of Gotham, he's genuinely one of the only honest, truly brave men in the whole damn city.

Finally, you gotta love that last line: "Luck is our last resort."

Yeah, it's definitely a shame he won't be coming back.

*In related news, I keep wanting to find some way to connect "The Boss" to the Angel Moroni from the Book of Mormon, if only to prove that the original spelling of MOroni is correct, not MAroni. But even I'm not that nit-picky. Unless I'm really bored.
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