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Video: Two-Face's character cutscene from DC Universe Online

Henchgirl and I watched a bunch of the cinematic portraits of characters from DC Universe Online, all of which were pretty damn terrible. The Two-Face one is no exception, where he sounds like some combination of Jackie Earle Haley's Rorschach and some kind of goblin. Be warned: the acid scarring is appropriately gruesome and horrific.

Not much to write home about, really, and it just serves to highlight the main problem with most takes on Two-Face, including The Dark Knight. There's just no logical progression from "my face is horribly burned" to "I'm gonna listen to the coin now!"

But I do like how the video's main purpose is to illustrate that Two-Face can just as easily go after villains as well as heroes. I still think that it's perfect that Harvey be an ally for good and evil alike, which is something that not even the classic DC Comics RPGs did with the character.
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