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The other appearance of Harvey in the DCnU that we all somehow missed: Finch's THE DARK KNIGHT #2

When it comes to Harvey's place in the DCnU, the only thing anybody seems to be talking about is his appearance in Scott Snyder's* Batman drawn by Greg Capullo. God knows that all I've noticed, and we've talked about it at length. However, it turns out that Harvey was actually featured front and center on another Batman cover, and no one noticed it! Not even me, nor FYeahTwoFace! Wow! How could I possibly have missed Harvey being featured on David Finch's cover for The Dark Knight #2 and OH DEAR GOD WHAT IN THE HELL IS I DON'T EVEN WHAT.

No, I'm not posting it here. I don't want that taking up my bandwidth. Just go, see for yourself.

Yeah. Seriously, when I saw the thumbnail of that image on the solicits, I could have sworn that it was just a 'roided-up hillbilly in overalls. Even now that I look up teeny versions of that cover, all I see is a refugee from The Hills Have Eyes, not Harvey. Not whatever the hell is being done with Harvey.

Venom. I'm guessing that he's hopped up on venom. He has to be. Bane is all the rage now, and a modified venom-type serum called Titan was featured prominently in the Batman: Arkham Asylum video game, to similarly ridiculous results when applied to the Joker (seriously, how anyone could take the game seriously after that final boss battle is beyond me). That game alone is apparently big enough to influence the look of Batman's ugly new logo, so I'm guessing that Finch's Top-Cow-Tacular series is following suit.

All things considered, this use of Harvey isn't so horrible. I mean, his scarring looks more typical than Capullo's, and he has his eyeball back, so that's a good sign that the character will likely be physically unchanged in the DCnU depending on the artist. I figured that'd happen anyway, later if not sooner, but it's nice to see that happening right off the bat (hurr). And really, it could be a lot worse. Bear in mind, David Finch is the guy with the distinction of having drawn the single most grotesque take on the Penguin ever put to print, so maybe Harvey got off easy here. We'll see what actually happens in the issue.

*I have now procured all but one issue (the third one) of Scott Snyder's current, much-ballyhooed run on Detective Comics. Once I get the missing issue, Henchgirl and I will read through it together and judge. Harshly. Because seriously, no way it can live up to the hype, and even still, I'm still really pessimistic about the idea of turning James Jr. into a monster. It kind of stains the ending to Batman: Year One, from Gordon's perspective. But we'll see, we'll see.
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