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Two-Face Character Profile: WHO'S WHO entry, 1989 (from DETECTIVE COMICS ANNUAL #2)

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Today, I have the Two-Face WHO'S WHO entry updated for 1989, with art by the great Mike Mingola:

I have much less to comment upon this time around. The bio here is pretty much the same as the 1986 version, but generally tightened up and incorporating BATMAN: YEAR ONE (including Mingola's recreation of a classic Mazzucchelli moment). Also of note is that Gilda has become Grace, thanks to the inexplicable name change when she appeared in the wonderful SECRET ORIGINS ANNUAL story, which is to date the best version of the character.

We're now well into Post-Crisis continuity, but Two-Face's history at this point is still pretty firmly connected with Pre-Crisis. The true modern version of Two-Face is just around the corner, however, thanks to a certain story published the next year that'll dramatically alter the character and his place in the Gotham universe in ways that can be directly seen all the way through to THE DARK KNIGHT.
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