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Non-Guest-Post kinda-sorta Guest Post: two great articles by regular commenters!

Before we return to our regularly-scheduled reviews and rants, I want to bring a couple more great articles by about_faces regulars to your attention. They're not technically guest posts since I'm not hosting them here but are rather linking to their own blogs, but they're still worth recommending!

The first is by vw_tb0, who has written a review of Mad Love with an emphasis on the abusive relationship subtext. It's one of the most fundamental aspects of that classic issue, and yet I feel like it's too often lost amongst many of the Joker/Harley shippers.

The other article is by psychopathicus, who examines the villains of the Batman movies, weighs their strengths and weaknesses, and talks about what he'd do with them if given the chance. I have to say, I don't really disagree with anything he says, there. It really makes me wish that more writers in general shared that kind of understanding of what makes these characters tick.

Wish I could talk more about both articles, but I gotta run. IRL stuff waits for no fan, and I have several more full reviews of my own in the pipeline!
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