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Guest Post: It's 2/22, so here're all of the times that Harvey Dent's been hit in the face with acid

In honor of today being 2/22, the intrepid lego_joker decided--for whatever inspired reason--to throw together collages of every single time that Harvey got hit in the face with acid. The result is oddly compelling in a way that's both hilarious and horrible. The colleges in question only cover the comics in the regular continuity, and he has plans to eventually put out a fourth collage of "Elseworlds/Impostor/Rescarring/Other Media stuff" once he figures out how they'll all be put together. I, for one, cannot wait. For now, I'll let lego_joker take over with his collages and notes.

Each collage takes the audience through a specific period of Bat-comics, to better chart the evolution of the scene. The labels are as follows:

1st collage: 1944-1986 (Harvey's entire pre-Crisis history - his Golden Age debut in Detective Comics #44 up 'til Doug Moench's Bronze Age run, which more or less bled into Crisis on Infinite Earths)

2nd collage: 1987-1997 (First post-Crisis story - Teen Titans Spotlight #13 - up to The Long Halloween)

3rd collage: 1997-2008, technically Present Day (Forget the DCnU - thus far, there doesn't seem to have been another take on the origin scene since Two-Face: Year One! What a depressing note to end on.)


* "Look out, D.A., he's throwing acid!" - it's kinda funny how Batman immediately realizes that's what's happening. Makes it sound like he's seen this happen at least once or twice before.

* The version from Detective Comics #187 (the George Blake story) is the first one to remove Batman from the scene entirely, giving all his dialogue to the judge instead. Weird, considering how Silver Age-y that story was overall. Having Batman testify would've been right up its alley!

* The version that Len Wein gave in The Untold Legend of the Batman has Batman address Harvey as "Dent", instead of just "D.A.". It is unique amongst the pre-Crisis origins for this.

* Doug Moench seems to have been the first to address how Maroni/Moroni got the acid into the courtroom in the first place. In his pre-Crisis story (with Gene Colan), he explains that Moroni hid the acid in a drinking flask, instead of the medicine bottle we generally accept today.

* These retellings seem to be evenly split between having Maroni/Moroni throwing the entire flask at Harvey, and having him be close enough to just splash it without letting go. Make of that what you will.

* Even post-Crisis, a large number of writers stick to having Batman be present at the trial in full costume.

* Two-Face: Year One is the largest version of the scarring scene so far. It takes up an entire page, more or less serving as a pin-up of the scene.

* Isn't it amazing how that acid can turn all colors of the rainbow? (It's got nothing on Maroni/Moroni's appearance, weight, age, and mustachioed-ness, though).

* The version from The Batman Chronicles, uniquely, shows Maroni/Moroni's defense attorney trying to restrain him (I think it's the only one to remember that the defense EXISTS).
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