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APB: "The Beautiful Ugly" finale is out and it's great, so go buy it

It'll take me a few days to write a full review of The Beautiful Ugly, the new Two-Face story from DC's digital-first Legends of the Dark Knight series, and my review will also be spoiler-heavy. For now, though, I do want to quickly mention that I absolutely loved this story, and that everyone should check it out. LotDK isn't exactly a top-selling title, and stories like this deserve our support.

It's one issue, split in three parts (LotDK #56-58), each just 99¢, so that amounts to $2.97 for the full story. Not bad at all, I'd say, and it's certainly a better deal than DC's usual $3.99 cover price for stories that have far less actual content. If you're unused to LotDK, there are at least four ways you can buy it: 1.) from Comixology.com (1, 2, 3), 2.) from iTunes for iPad/iPhone (1, 3, Part 2 not found), 3.) from Amazon for Kindle (1, 2, 3), or 4.) from Barnes and Noble for Nook (1, 2, 3). If you don't have a tablet or don't like reading from your phone, you can read Comixology purchases via your home computer, like I do! All in all, I prefer Comixology, as I often enjoy using their "guided view" reading format.

If you still prefer to read your comics physically, well, you're going to have to wait a while. You see, the original plan for DC's digital-first books was to release weekly installments online, which they would then collect and publish as full monthly issues. However, DC has cancelled LotDK as a monthly series, and will instead be reprinted the stories as collected editions only. This means that the only way you will be able to read The Beautiful Ugly in physical comic format will be to, 1.) wait about six months or more, and 2.) buy it in a full-size collection that will probably go for about twenty bucks.

Now, if you want to do that, awesome! LotDK is a neat mixed bag that's worth supporting, and I also rather enjoyed the Riddler/Black Mask story that ran just before TBU, so these stories would certainly make the whole collection worth owning. But I also know that most of us can't afford that kind of splurge, so you'd probably be better off sampling them individually for 99¢ per installment. Ultimately, I'd still recommend that everyone buy and read the digital version ASAP, especially if you're planning to read my extensive autopsy of a review. Two-Face stories should be supported anyway, but man, this one especially deserves attention. And again, do be sure to check out the authors' commentary over at Derek Fridolfs' blog!

Okay, that's enough shilling for me. See you back here in a few days for my full review of The Beautiful Ugly, assuming that nothing else of note pops up!
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