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So who wants to help me review "Batman: The Long Halloween?"

At one point over the few years that I've been putting off reviewing Batman: The Long Halloween and writing about my love/hate relationship with Loeb and Sale's most famous work, lego_joker proposed that I review each of the thirteen issues separately with a different special guest reviewer per issue in the vein of my epic tag-team reviews with Henchgirl here and here. Well, I'm finally (though very slowly) working on my review of TLH, and I've noticed a few of you have been showing interest in doing this project, so let's start up a tentative sign-up sheet for which issues anyone would like to cover!

Image source: Allyson's Attic

Now, some have already been claimed. surrealname has called the Christmas Joker issue, which promises to be a very entertaining and profanity-laden review. crows_talon, I know you expressed interest in the Scarecrow Mother's Day issue, but captaintwinings already called that one, so maybe you could do the Scarecrow's other big appearance in the Independence Day issue?

As for Henchgirl herself, she's on the fence about which issue she'd want to review, or if she's up to reviewing it at all, as she suffers from the same kind of aggressive apathy towards TLH that kept me from reviewing it for years. I'm thinking that maybe the Valentine's Day issue would be great for her, so unless anyone else really wants that one, let's keep that open for her for the time being. And if she does decide that she wants to do another one, she gets top priority. Finally, the first and last issues (the actual Halloween ones) are also off-limits, as I want to solo those myself.

All that said, the following issues are therefore open: #2 (Thanksgiving), #4 (New Year's Day), #6 (St. Patrick's Day), #7 (April Fool's Day), #9 (Father's Day), #10 (Independence Day), #11 (Roman Holiday), and #12 (Labor Day). Eight issues to choose amongst yourselves! So yeah, if you're interested in co-reviewing an issue with me, feel free to hash out who would like to do what! I may also try to reach out to a couple cool people outside of this blog to see if they'd be interested as well, and if so, I'll update this accordingly!

How will these co-reviews work? Well, I was thinking of writing up a draft with my thoughts, then I'd pass it along to you to add your own, and then you'd pass it back to me and we'd smooth it out together. As such, you should all remember that it takes me a very, very long time to write reviews these days, so not only it will be a while before I finish my first review, but it could also take me months--maybe even all year!--to finish my first draft reviews of the rest. If you're so inclined, you may want to start drafting any initial thoughts you have now and keep them on ice until I finally get my own written up. This is going to be a review for the long-haul, but I'm certainly up for it if you are!

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