about_faces (about_faces) wrote,

New review announcement, and hey, how've you all been?

Hey everyone, sorry for the very long absence. There have been times when I've seriously considered just officially announcing a hiatus, just because there have been so many things which I've wanted and failed to review. Not just The Long Halloween review (which IS on indefinite hiatus, sorry to everyone I've left hanging), but also Beware the Batman, TV's Gotham, Batman '66: The Lost Episode, and The Question: Convergence, plus one or two things I'm probably forgetting.

My anxiety and depression have been getting worse and worse, but hopefully things will be looking better from here on out. For one thing, I will have a new review here tonight or tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that! Without intending to, I cranked out a review of Batman: Earth One volume two over the past three days, so expect to see that here very soon!

In the meantime, feel free to say hi and let me (and your fellow commenters) know how you've been during my long absence. If you have something you'd like to plug, by all means, have at it! I'll start by once again recommending the reviews of our very own psychopathicus, who has continuing his series of entertaining and informative Golden Age review vlogs!

It's good to be back, for however long it'll last. I'm looking forward to your thoughts on my next review!

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