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DC is releasing a new Two-Face collection, and guess what ISN'T included?

That’s right: Eye of the Beholder! Despite the earliest solicits bearing Neal Adams’ cover for the issue, they have YET AGAIN snubbed this important and influential issue. What. The fuck, DC.

So what will be included instead? An out-of-context issue of The Long Halloween (which, of course, HAS been in print and reprinted many, many times since its release, unlike EotB), and Joker’s Asylum: Two-Face, one of the worst Two-Face stories I have ever read.

Oh, and of course, the O’Neill/Adams classic Half an Evil, which is an important issue historically, but a pretty lousy Two-Face story in its own right. And it too has already been reprinted many times in several different trades over the years. Oh, and while I can’t fault them for wanting to include something from the New 52, the Forever Evil issue was absolutely fucking terrible.

Also, they’ll be including the 80′s two-parter by Gerry Conway, which was okay but nothing special, but not the Marv Wolfman story with the return of Gilda?! Geez, that one’s vastly more interesting and important!

Also also, they’re reprinting that weird Silver Age issue written by a teenage Jim Shooter where Batman is brainwashed into believing that he’s Two-Face to fight a brainwashed Superman who believed that he was the classic Superman villain, Kralik! Who, you ask? Exactly. Why the hell is this story included? It’s fun and all, but it doesn’t even really feature Two-Face!

At least the Harvey Kent trilogy will be collected again, so that’s something. The most important inclusion is DeMatteis’ Batman/Two-Face: Crime and Punishment, which has never been reprinted. It ALMOST makes up for snubbing EotB. Another obscure classic finally getting reprinted is the Batman Chronicles story where Gordon and Harvey team up to find Maroni, who had broken out of prison. I hate that making TLH canon rendered that story out of continuity, and I’m glad to see it getting the spotlight for once.

All in all, it’s still a better collection than either of the only two Two-Face-centric trades we’ve seen over the past decade (Batman VS Two-Face and Batman Featuring Two-Face and the Scarecrow), but it’s still damn frustrating to see some overused, awful, and/or middling stories included at the expense of some other worthy stories, particularly the single greatest Two-Face story of all time, which still isn’t even available digitally on Comixology! I’m just so... so... peeved. Damn peeved, I say!

The full solicit is as follows:

Written by BILL FINGER, DENNIS O’NEIL and others
Art by BOB KANE, NEAL ADAMS and others
On sale OCTOBER 21 • 296 pg, FC, $19.99 US
BATMAN: ARKHAM—TWO-FACE collects this villain’s greatest stories from the pages of DETECTIVE COMICS #66, 68, 80, and 513, BATMAN #234, 346, 410 and 411, WORLD’S FINEST COMICS #173, BATMAN: TWO-FACE #1, BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN #11, BATMAN CHRONICLES #8, THE JOKER’S ASYLUM: TWO-FACE #1 and BATMAN AND ROBIN #23.1: TWO-FACE.

Hell damn poop piffle.

What stories would you folks have wanted to see in an ultimate collection of Two-Face short stories? Besides EotB and the Wolfman two-parter, I'd also have gone with Walt Simonson's story from The Judas Coin, Ty Templeton's Father's Day from Gotham Adventures, and Rucka's first meeting between Renee and Harvey as candidates.
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