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We Believe in Harvey Dent

A FanBlog Dedicated to All Things Two-Face.

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3 March
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"Schizy" says HEY THERE!/GO AWAY!

Welcome to about_faces! Why call it that? Because this is the ONLY place online entirely dedicated to Batman's (second) greatest enemy and former best friend, Harvey Dent, AKA Two-Face. Also, because all the other good halfway-witty usernames have been taken. ;p

The sad fact is, Two-Face fandom is so small as to be nonexistent, with the little of it entirely surrounding the live-action version from THE DARK KNIGHT, excellently played by Aaron Eckhart. While that version is great-but-flawed, there's absolutely nothing focusing on Two-Face's nearly 70-year history in DC Comics! Thus, about_faces is a fanblog dedicated to discussion, ranting, and general geekery surrounding Harvey Dent/Two-Face, with a focus on his long history in DC Comics stories (but don't worry, fans of THE DARK KNIGHT and/or BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, there's plenty here for you too!)

While this is a personal LJ account, I see it as a community of sorts. As such, discussion, thoughts, ideas, disagreements, and all other manner of positive participation is highly encouraged. I'm very passionate and opinionated, and thus this'll largely be my place to rant about Harvey, but I love to hear other people's opinions and viewpoints. All I ask is that everyone keep it civil and respectful.

Finally, if you like the stories you see here, please show your support by tracking down the actual stories either at Amazon.com, via eBay, or your local comic book shop. I include a link purchase info whenever applicable, and owning these great stories will hopefully send a message to DC that we want more!

So if you believe in Harvey Dent, about_faces is the place for you!

Note: about_faces is a fanblog dedicated to critique and analysis of comics that focus on Two-Face, and the general Batman universe of characters around him. My secondary goal is to give exposure to lesser-known stories, most of which are out of print and/or have never been reprinted by DC Comics.

While I post scans from comics owned by DC and--very rarely--Marvel Comics, I maintain a scan limit to 1/3rd of a whole story older than three months, and the equivalent of four pages from new or recent comics released within that time. Occasionally, I make exceptions and include extra pages if I feel it is necessary to the point I'm illustrating, or if the story is incredibly obscure and hard to obtain due to being out of print. If I post scans from a story currently in print and available via outlets such as Amazon.com, I include a link at the end of each post with information about the book and how it can be purchased.

Unless otherwise noted, all scans are scanned by me, John Hefner.

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